"The smallest feline is a masterpiece" - Leonardo da Vinci


We will do our best to match you with the a kitten of your preference. 

Purchasing privileges are granted to the best forever homes we can select.

Kittens can be reserved with a down payment after you have received a notification from us that contains photos

of available kittens. Do not send a deposit until we have matched you with an available kitten.

Please fill out our contact form if you would like to receive notifications about kittens.


Kittens can be sold at 10 to 12 weeks after they have been socialized, litter trained, and weaned from their mother.

All kittens are micro-chipped, sold with a contract of sale, and receive current vaccinations with a health record booklet.  

All kittens are 5 generation pedigree and registered with ACFA. The price of our kittens is based on the cost of acquiring, showing, and caring for our adult cats as well as the time and energy that goes into the proper care of each kitten.


Kittens are priced when they become available.

Price is based on sex, color, size, and show quality.

Purchased kittens can be

picked up in La Crosse Wisconsin.  


Your kitten's health records and registration papers will come with your kitten's unique microchip number.

Process of purchasing a kitten

1 - Fill out the contact form to receive notifications regarding available kittens.  After kittens are 8 weeks old they will become available.  If we have matched you with a kitten we will send you an email notification with photos of the available kittens. We correspond with the email: zeuspridecattery@gmail.com  At that time you may reserve a kitten with a non-refundable deposit.(If you receive a notification from any other email saying they represent Zeus Pride, it is a SCAM). 


2 - Kittens are marked AVAILABLE, HOLD, or RESERVED.  Available kittens are open for reservation, on hold kittens are being evaluated, and reserved kittens have a future owner.  Let us know which kitten you want and we will send you a contract. Once a kitten has been reserved the family will receive weekly updates regarding the growth and progress of their kitten.


3 - Pay the remaining balance of your contract by cash or check prior to receiving your kitten. Pick up your kitten in LaCrosse Wisconsin with the paperwork at your scheduled time. We will go through the paperwork with you and answer any questions you may have. Please bring a carrier for transport.

newborn maine coon kittens

We strive to give your kitten the best possible start.  Besides a lot of love and attention,

below is some of what happens during your kittens first couple months with us.​

  • Special attention is given to the nutrition of the nursing queen

  • High quality formula and nutritional supplements 

  • Royal Canin food for each stage of your kittens development 

  • Handled and played with daily 

  • Litter box and scratch post training

  • Nail clipping every two weeks

  • Daily grooming and several baths

  • Deworming treatment and fecal test

  • External parasite prevention

  • FRCP core vaccinations (feline distemper)

  • Buddy ID microchipping

  • TICA or ACFA registration

  • Veterinarian exam

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