Our Cats

Our Maine Coon cats have Championship lines from Russia and the Ukraine

Our cats are champions in the show ring

TICA Cat Show

Our Champion Heritage 

We have carefully selected cats that have an exceptional Maine Coon breed standard.  We have taken into consideration health, temperament, and cats that will produce beautiful colors and patterns.



Zeus Marelax Pride is a blue harlequin and he comes to us from the Ukraine.  Zeus has a mother and father that are WCF Champions and a Grandfather that was crowned WCF International Champion.  



Tortie with White - f 03

Ariel Fantasi Beast of Zeus Pride - ACFA Champion


Black Classic Tabby - n 22

Bridget Jones Erichaus of Zeus Pride - ACFA Double Champion


Cream Silver Shell or Chinchilla - es

Adelantado Fabia Venus of Zeus Pride - ACFA Champion


Blue Solid - a

Aurora Blue Ridge of Zeus Pride - ACFA Champion


Black Silver Torbie - fs 22

Niagra Baltic Ocean Athena of Zeus Pride -

Future Queen

All of our adult cats are tested at UC Davis Genetics Laboratory to assure they are in the best possible health for breeding. 

 We follow the recommendations of NC State Veterinary Hospital when breeding our cats to optimize the health of the kittens.

There is still much debate regarding the efficacy of some genetic testing. If you are interested in testing your kitten prior to purchase please let us know what type of test you want performed and we will quote you the cost of the testing

(the prospective buyer assumes the cost of testing the kitten).

All tests must be requested two weeks prior to the expected date of delivery).

Additional reading about HCM testing by NC State Veterinary Hospital can be found here:

More reading about HCM and genetic testinging can be found here:

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Caspian Prairies Caesar

Champion - Venus Sire